Kelly Sue Lampers envisions access for all, fashion and interior design.

by Claudia Falcão

Self-confidence and awareness patterned Kelly Sue Lampers’ story. With high expectations when addressing her goals as a creative professional, the Dutch designer envisions diversity and inclusivity – access for all! Lockdown provided time to rethink her perspectives on creativity; identifying her creative values.

“Love yourself, unconditionally. Realize it: nobody can tell you what is beautiful…beauty is in all colours and shapes. It is the art of nature. Celebrate your beauty. Loving yourself, it is the greatest gift to yourself.”

Kelly sue lampers

In her mood board, she pins up her vision of a society fulfilled of diversity and equality. She designed a unique clothing line for fashionable women bonded to a wheelchair which granted her winning the “Fashion on Wheels” competition in 2014.

Upon graduating, Kelly Sue launched her brand in 2016, intending to provide a stylish, yet classic clothing line for the women with disabilities. With attention to the individual and identities. Soon she acknowledged the big issue, the lack of equality, diversity and unity in the fashion and beauty industries, not to mention in our society.

She brought diversity and unity to the catwalk when she presented her collection with the slogan “Broken crayons, still, colours” in 2017 at Amsterdam fashion week, featuring all body types and beauties. They are SUE’s Warriors, the foundation Kelly Sue created to embrace these amazing women and draw the fashion industry’s attention for inclusivity. “With this foundation, I want to get awareness in the fashion industry for this particular audience. Represent them equally. Also, educate our society to be thinking out of the box; we are all equal in our differences.”

(Visuals provided by Kelly Sue Lampers – Instagram @_.kellysue._ @sues_warriors)

Her mission has forever been to raise awareness, she develops educational projects and collaborates with other foundations focused on diversity like the DMA model agency and the Diversity fashion week.

Creativity is part of her DNA.

Lockdown got the Dutch designer Kelly Sue Lampers into rethinking her creative fulfilment. “…because of the lockdown, when all the scheduled projects with SUE’s Warriors were cancelled, I got time to think clearly about my goals. I questioned myself if I was creative enough or challenged. I am a creative person, so I miss being creative with my hands, creating designs and working with colours. With that thought, I decided the SUE’s Warriors foundation needs a manager who will share its mission and get awareness. Meanwhile, I can develop my new feature, interior styling; work together with architects into creating accessible buildings to all.”

Positivity and inspiration highlighted the unique conversation with Kelly Sue. She celebrates diversity continuously.

Her latest project, joining the Miss Benelux Pin-Up contest matches perfectly with SUE’s Warriors and herself: “I entered the Miss Benelux Pin-Up contest because the modern pin-up beauty is the celebration of all body types. This is a perfect match with SUE’s Warriors and with myself. I am a vintage-style lover.”

Unconditionally, Kelly Sue empowers access for all.


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