A creative year in lockdown

Jakayla Toney @unsplash

We don’t take it lightly at all. Lockdown has truly affected everyone, including ourselves who navigated last year overcoming unemployment, Furlough and Covid itself. So, we understand it’s been a remarkably difficult time for everyone.

We also know the past year has been an exceptionally unique time. It may sound like a cliché but, we felt it was a once in a generation opportunity to reset and reconnect. When the world stood still in the first lockdowns, we decided to do something about it and got together to take this opportunity.

Two friends, graduated in Journalism, we were aware of lots of good stories around us and felt compelled to tell those stories with an emotional commitment we hadn’t experienced in a very long time. We embraced it as a truly timely opportunity that wouldn’t have been possible in the 90s, for example: these conversations were possible thanks to the accessible tools available right now such as free social media, messaging, affordable WiFi and a public willing to listen.

It’s now been a year since we started The File Style project and looking back is incredible. Thanks to the generosity of talented creatives, we’ve been able to share their unique journeys; featuring individuals from diverse backgrounds talking from countries around the world. Creatives acting in music, mixed media, fashion, photography and even stage lighting discussed an array of topics ranging from sexuality, diversity & inclusion, beauty and arts via a common thread: their experiences during the pandemic.

Covid made us all vulnerable, some more than others, we must acknowledge; but with vulnerability comes an openness that helps us to connect with our humanity a little bit more and, hopefully, have more compassion towards others. Have you heard of that expression “peeling the onion”? Well, we got the chance to peel deeper into our humanity during this pandemic.

By interviewing creatives and sharing their stories of love, resilience and positivity, we delved deeper into our own humanity. We want to thank each of our creatives who embraced the moment with us and generously showed up on our Zoom calls sharing their talents, insights, successes and also struggles.

As we start the second year of our project, we’re “expanding our tent” and embracing new opportunities, starting with a certain arts festival in London… Keep tuned for more news coming soon.


Sandra & Claudia


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