The File Style

Inspired by the rich cultural mix around us, and its untold stories, we set to showcase styles and sartorial choices that contribute towards our identity having inclusivity and diversity at the very core of the project. Then, the pandemic came and with it, an overwhelming showcase of creative resilience, hopes and dreams in the middle of lockdown. We were compelled to tell the incredible stories of creatives around us, thriving, striving and inspiring in this new reality.

With The File Style, we hope to help bring understanding, inspiration and share unique personal stories and styles from men and women of all backgrounds, religions and cultures. 

Who are we?

We are Cláudia Falcão and Sandra Porto, journalists who published “The Train to the West” – a research and storytelling project based on European expatriate communities seeking refuge in the heart of Brazil during WWII. After a hiatus, we are now turning our attention to our communities in Holland and the UK with the same passion, curiosity and respect. Following the recent pandemic, we are now focusing our attention on creatives and how they’re keeping inspired during this global crisis, exploring creativity, style and identity. We hope our readers will be inspired by these incredibly personal stories.