Watch all ‘Creatives In Lockdown’ Interviews*

*Feature image: Janssem Cardoso

Part of the Wandsworth Arts Fringe 2021, The File Style is delivering a series of interviews on 3rd and 4rth July. “Creatives In Lockdown: In Conversation” brings a range of artists and creatives from around the world in an unique showcase of talent, resilience and creativity during the pandemic.

Read more about the project here and watch the interviews, below:


10am – Friends with a mission:
We will introduce the series of interviews and talk about our journey documenting creatives navigating lockdown, how it has influenced them, including new ways of building resilience.

12pm – Andria Antoniou – singer and voice coach:
Andria Antoniou is a London-based vocalist of jazz, Latin and Greek Retro music who celebrates cultural diversity and the interconnectedness of people through music. She is also an educator and the founder of Voice Hub, a platform and community where one can find and develop his voice.

2pm – Ali Mulroy – artist:
Based in London, Ali has been painting in oils since 12 years old and says he’d been “instantly fascinated by the medium from the first moment” she used it. Awarded young artist of the year by the Society of Women Artists at the Mall Galleries in 2006, Ali has belonged to the SWA since 2007, exhibiting annually with them and the Mall Galleries ever since.  She says: “I want people to feel hopeful as they wait for dawn to break over their current darkness. If my work can help in the waiting – then that’s all I’ll ever want.” 

3pm – Janssem Cardoso – photographer:
A Brazilian photographer and art director based in São Paulo, Janssem is a native of Benjamin Constant, a city located in the State of Amazonas. He also works with audiovisual production (capture, editing and art direction). Since 2016 he has been developing a work with artistic nude photography called ‘Other Colours’ and exploring matters of inclusion, diversity and identity. 

5pm – Robbie Thielemans – LED lighting creative:
Robbie Thielemans is a Belgian engineer and creative consultant working in the LED industry for almost three decades. Behind the scenes, he designs wonders through light revealing a bright spectacle.


9am – Inken Sarah Mischke – camerawoman and founder of Perola Filmes:
Berliner Inken Sarah is a passionate creative who has delved into filmmaking after concluding a Master’s Degree in Latin American and Gender Studies. She says: “Essentially, making films is nothing less than telling stories that open up a new perspective on things. I was delighted to discover that this approach could also be applied to the field of design, because here the scope for creativity, quite literally, knows no limits.”  

12am – Ludwig Rondón – musician:
Ludwig Rondón, born in Curaçao, based in the Netherlands, is a performing musician, classical guitarist and educator.  He inspires and teaches the practicalities and tricks of the acoustic guitar.

2pm – Kelly Sue – fashion designer:
Kelly Sue is a Dutch fashion designer who, in 2016, designed a clothing line for wheelchair users. Soon after, SUE’s Warriors foundation was created to embrace all people and convey diversity, unity and equality in society. Recently, she became an interior designer to bring empowerment and accessibility for all.

3pm – Frederico Sousa – mixed media:
Born in Brighton, Frederico Sousa is a British designer currently a student at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto. A great lover of unusual aesthetics and in the media arts: illustration, animation and photography. The need for life change is the inspiring source for this artist to begin his studies at 44 years of age.


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